Organizing coupons for beginners

I switched to the box method clipped, filed by category — and I have a LOT of categories. I file newest coupons in the back of each section in the box.

How to Organize Your Coupons in Minutes

This way I can use it in the shopping cart without having to turn sideways to dig for coupons. I still get my coupons ready before I shop most of the time I do take it to winco, and sometimes to walmart if I dare to venture in there and just paperclip them to my list I make my lists on index cards — one for each store. With the binder, I had to keep adding sheets, and then ended up getting a massive binder, and that just got crazy. So I went back to the small binder, and finally took the dive and got the box.

I use the binder method. For a while I used envelopes but it became too hectic as I had so many envelopes. So I switched from putting coupons into envelopes and putting them into scrapbook pages.

Using the Insert Method

These pages are the ones that have a sticky back side to them for photos. I have to agree with Jen. I tried the inserts in a crate method and when i browsed the web and saw a good deal I wanted to go out the door as quickly as possible to get the deal. However, I had to spend time clipping the coupons before I went. I also found out that many of my coupons were going to waste and when I saw something on clearance and found that I had a coupon it was a bummer. Your also right about fitting the binder in the cart. I take my binder in the store but rarely do I need to get any coupons.

I just give them a coupon and it makes me more happier than them knowing I helped someone save some money.

How to Organize Your Coupons Quickly | Living Well Spending Less®

I choose to do the binder method. I use the binder and Accordian file. I clip all of my coupons on Sundays. I file them into my own database on Mondays I use Microsoft word and organized them in my database by expration date. After that file them into my binder. I then start researching sales in online weekly ads at my favorite stores on tuesdays and wensdays while I consult my database to see what deals I can get with coupon.

I put together a shopping list wensday night. By Friday I am ready to shop. It seems complicated but I fnd this works great for me. I spend maybe hours a week on my coupons. Accordian 2. Binder 3.

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Megabinder Saved a month on our household budget. Burned out on purging and weight. FF two years. Start again with 1.

2. Find your coupons

Made stack of envelopes with labels out to side A-Z. Works well for small numbers of coupons, but not great for toiletries. Need those visibly sorted to take advantage those. Looking for a way to make a list of what I have..

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  7. Especially ones I want to be sure to try to use. Great ppst and comments. I have in binders one for food and one for non food. I use a layered system. I cut all coupons, print coupons, and file them in my binder weekly. But what i like to do is use the binder for organization. Then when i make a list i have different colored accordian files with matching zippered pencil pouches. As i shop and pick up the items i then take the coupon out of the accordian file and place it in the matching colored pencil pouch so that when i get to the checkout i have all my coupons ready for checkout.

    Binder is cleaned out once a week when new coupons are put in. NOT ME! I was trained by one of the ladies who appeared on extreme couponing and she taught us that for every 10 people who started only 3 would continue, thats a high dropout rate. In America we are convienience whores and that combined with social media and yak yak take precidence over our budgets and thats your choice, but i am not gonna buy into it.

    The digital coupons will take paper coupons away and NOBODY will ever get more than a single coupon offer because those who are not tough enough to discipline themselves want their electronic cake and eat it too. Yes i use both, but really… im an extreme couponer, i have to be, its not about saving for Abercrombie over here..

    If you can tell me exactly what numbers are on the snapware container, i would appreciate it. Thanks for the organizing tips! I started using coupons more purposefully two months ago and have seem my grocery bill slowly get smaller.

    How to Organize Your Coupons!!! (non-binder method)

    I will probably have to move to index card dividers or something…the baggies are getting full! I use a binder and love it. I use printable coupons and buy my other coupons from klip2save. This way, I only get the coupons and qty I want at less than the cost of purchasing multiple papers. The other benefit is they are pre-cut.

    Coupon Organization

    Before any coupon goes in my binder, I scan it into my coupons app on my phone. The app allows you to enter the quantity, but I never do as I only use it as an index to what is in my binder. Plus it lets me know when they are about to expire. Beach week I look at the ads and scroll through my coupon index to see what matches.

    I sown about 20 minutes a week in prep time. I use a case it binder with strap. One side f the binder is all the coupon policies for stores I shop at. The right size is for coupons. My husband is diabled. So we have to save where we can. I like to find a spot out of the way in the store to verify counts and savings. This shortens the time in line and lessens the frustration of those non-couponers behind me.

    This was an awesome and helpful article. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed their advice and knowladge. I need to find that snapware box that Sarah described. I am looking everywhere for it. Any help would be appreciated. I like how you said that you can match up a folder with yours in order to find better coupons.

    Using folder inserts and things like that would probably be pretty important in ensuring that the two match up.

    That way you both can know exactly what one another is talking about! I like the shoebox. I can quickly file through my coupon envelopes to see if I have a coupon for […]. You want to save money, not hoard pieces of paper.

    Some people swear by binders, and others prefer shoeboxes. Do whatever works best for you. Also, develop a clipping system. You can put your kids or […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Disclosure: the post below may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase or take action using these links, the site makes commission.

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