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I follow several Facebook pages of websites that gather the information about discounted and free books. Since I check my Facebook frequently, the sale prices are usually still good if I decide to click on the information. There are also other sources of information about daily discounts and free books. You can sign up to receive a daily email that lets you know what they are. One of the deals is almost always for a kids or young adult book. You can sign up to receive a daily email for this, too, and check it quickly to see if ebooks are offered.

Yep, I can definitely see why you're doing an eye roll. But when you're ready, I can't wait to see your book! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!

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This is one of the reasons I tend to roll my eyes when I am asked when I am writing a cookbook. Not to mention cooking every recipe a half dozen times, shooting photos, etc.

It's such a huge project takes years with so many factors to consider. I will definitely consult you before I jump into writing a book! Hi Athlyn! Glad you found the tips helpful.

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The text wrap around images can be a mess for sure. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great day! This article is chock full of good usable info. I like your tip about not wrapping text around images.

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As well, you've covered some copyright issues that are important to consider when doing a cookbook. Blond, I think you're right about the black-and-white versus color cookbooks! I even drool at the color photos in cookbooks and get all inspired to try them Kudos to you for cooking from scratch! If you do decide to move forward with your own cookbook, I hope you'll share your cookbook writing journey with us.

Thanks, as always, for adding your experience and insight to the conversation! Have a wonderful day! You've made some very valid points which I hadn't thought about.

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For example the legalities of safety. Most of my cookbooks are older and have none of this sort of thing. Writing a cookbook is something I had thought about briefly as my cooking skills have been tested here in Brazil. I make virtually everything from scratch, no opening a can or buying frozen here. Other than my Betty Crocker cookbook, the cookbooks I use most frequently are all black and white, no color images except on the front. I rarely measure anything so I would have to knuckle down and start refining and writing down my methods. You've given me a lot to think about, and I'll be back when I have compiled a collection of recipes suitable for publication.

Flourish, would love to try your restaurant taste-alike recipes!

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That's a talent for sure. Thanks for sharing your cooking experience with us! Have a beautiful day!

This is a fabulous article of so many things to consider when publishing a cookbook. I didn't know the part about recipe copyrighting; anyone can change instructions to make something "theirs. My dad a food scientist and I have been known to question the wait staff about what's in something and although they'll often not say, we'll play guessing games then I'll go home and start the process. When it works, I end up with a recipe that is as good or better than the restaurant version. It's a game to us. Hi, purl3agony! Those spiral cookbooks have been a staple of local fundraising forever, and with good reason as you've pointed out.

And because those are usually distributed by hand, at events, etc. Thanks so much for sharing your experience in cookbook publishing! Hi Heidi - Thanks for sharing another great hub!

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I particularly enjoyed your discussion of different binding techniques for cookbooks and the pros and cons of each. A million years ago, my elementary school printed a cookbook full of recipes submitted by the students and their families. It was spiral bound and illustrated with drawing by the students. The school created these cookbooks for a few years as fundraisers.

These cookbooks got the most use in our house and I still use a couple of them now.

The spiral binding makes it easy to lay flat while in use. Definitely a good choice for this cookbook project. Billybuc, the chances of me personally doing this are zero, too! But maybe in another lifetime. I thought through how I would advise them if they decided to do a cookbook project. Thus, this post. Looks like both you and I are not on the eclipse path it's only going through southern IL here. So we'll enjoy the sunshine! Have a great week! The chances of me doing this are zero, but I can spot some wisdom when I see it, and this is wisdom.

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Issues with Photos in Self Published Cookbooks Photos or illustrations of both step-by-step instructions and the completed recipe can be integral to readers' satisfaction with your cookbook. Color or Black-and-White Photos? Hardcover Case Bound Cookbooks As of this writing, Amazon KDP which is now merged in with the former Createspace —probably the most popular and inexpensive self publishing platform available—only offers perfect bound paperback print books.

Spiral Bound Cookbooks Spiral bound or comb bound cookbooks are very popular for small fundraising projects, such as for churches and schools. When a Perfect Bound Paperback Edition Might be Perfect Though it's not a perfect user experience in the kitchen, a perfect bound trade paperback cookbook edition—like you'd get from self publishing on Amazon KDP—might be perfect for your budget. The Unbound Cookbook Alternative But thanks to technology, there may be another alternative.