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Search for your favorite marijuana deals. Find the best weed deals at your local marijuana dispensaries brought to you by Leafbuyer. Check out our dispensary finder, daily deals and more to save on weed! Toggle navigation. Deals; Dispensaries; Ordinance in Denver County is a pilot program for social cannabis consumption within the city.

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High Level Health. Lincoln St. Denver, CO Prices may be getting lower at the dispensary, but the Colorado. Energetic, Focused, Relaxed May Relieve: Here at Natty Rems, we go above and beyond industry expectations to achieve our goals: Currently only one company uses our trim to make edibles, it is Canyon Cultivation and we only have a couple micro dose gummies made with our trim. I also consume way too much to make purchasing it an option. The Lodge Cannabis - High St.

Buddy Boy North Denver. Brand new website, with the same familiar content, with more information and content being rolled in every week! The store looks good, but more importantly feels good. Louisiana pharmacy board issues marijuana pharmacy license for Baton Rouge region By Aroma Dispensary August 16, Voters OK all 5 commercial cannabis measures in east-central California.

They also gave me a killer food recommendation David Guthrie Google Reviews. Our expert staff is educated on all strains we cultivate and their therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties. Best dispensary deals in denver Our staff is knowledgeable, and our products have a strong reputation for quality and consistency.

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Diego Pellicer - South Denver. Lol Colorado Harvest has been my place to go for years, since legalization. Get the latest cannabis deals straight to your inbox. We like a healthy approach. I ended up trying one other place for fun and found out that these other pot companies take things too far.

I have been going to this store since we became legal and never have I left dissatisfied. What our Clients Say about L'eagle This place is great! To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Cannabis Calendar for This Week It feels like a mom and pop shop and conveniently located off I and Vasquez, off the frontage road.

There are always plenty of great deals on marijuana in Denver to be found, and this week is no exception. The best dispensary deals Denver. Find deals on marijuana from dispensaries around Colorado, including Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. Ounce specials, concentrates, BOGO deals. Skip to content. The argument against using marijuana medically also included that it was addictive, leading to the use of harder substances and that it caused lung and brain damage, compromised the immune system and was a prominent cause of infertility.

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Although the battle rages between opposing sides, the growing demand by patients and the voice of medical advocates has caused state governments to increasingly allow marijuana use for medical treatment. Over 60 prominent health organizations based both in the U. Currently, 23 U. Some states require medical marijuana to be prescribed by a doctor while some allow a limited number of plants to be grown for personal use.


A list of states currently allowing limited marijuana use as well as associated guidelines can be found here. The use of marijuana as a medical treatment, although legitimately promising, is also quite complex. Research has shown that two chemical compounds within the plant are beneficial for medical purposes.

The problem lies in the fact that marijuana contains a large number of other chemical compounds more than , some of which assist with a mental high and others that do not. When marijuana is smoked in joint form, the high burning temperatures release these chemical compounds that are inhaled into the person. Many hundreds or even thousands of chemical byproducts can be produced by the original inhaled chemicals, some of which are believed to be carcinogens that encourage cancer cell growth.

Other research tends to reveal that the carcinogens contained in marijuana are as much as 70 times more than in tobacco. Opponents of medical marijuana insist that such results automatically insinuate that smoking marijuana will significantly increase the chances of acquiring lung cancer. However, the research on that subject is still lacking and inconclusive.

The bottom line is that those who support marijuana use as a medical treatment acknowledge that smoking as the method of delivery to the human system is a problematic issue. However, only a relatively small amount of percent of the active ingredient is absorbed into the body making such drugs both ineffective and unpredictable.

Medical marijuana allowance has gained momentum and is making headway throughout medical, governmental, legal and societal elements. However, a second wave of marijuana support is following in the wake created by those fighting for its medicinal qualities.

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Leisurely smokers of marijuana also herald the abuse of harsh laws and aggressive punishments that have been the common theme of the war on drugs and are calling for its use on a personal scale. Americans favoring marijuana legalization stands at around 58 percent, according to a Gallop poll conducted in That stands in stark contrast to a mere 12 percent favoring legalization in just prior to the official start of the war on drugs.

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Consistent efforts finally produced results as Colorado became the first state to pass legislation allowing controlled marijuana sales to adults in November Washington State followed suit the same month. These back-to-back moves by the two states provided a testing ground for other states to watch and see if legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana would have a positive or negative effect.

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  8. In Colorado, sales of recreational marijuana have increased monthly since its official kick-off in January of That was an increase of 19 percent over the month of May. On top of the tax income boost, crime in the state has dropped dramatically since marijuana legalization adding to the hoopla of the move. Washington fell behind Colorado marijuana sales performance, but the state still made impressive amounts. The largest problem in Washington is supplying enough weed to meet expected demand.

    Washington has just recently issued business licenses for sales to begin in July because of shortage projections. After seven months of weed dispensary sales, Colorado is beginning to experience shortages first hand and is seeking more licensed growers. The price of purchasing legalized marijuana is quite high, at least at the outset.

    Such costs are remaining considerably higher than initially projected. Prices do fluctuate considerably, however, depending from which Colorado city marijuana is purchased and the quality of weed desired. For a better idea of weed deals and average prices from Colorado marijuana merchants, a recent August 14, submission of city recreational marijuana prices can be found here. One unexpected problem arising from the legal sale of marijuana is increased competition from illegal pot suppliers.

    A major objective of marijuana legalization was to eradicate the shady world of black market drug dealers, but the high prices of legal pot are tempting some to choose street corner purchases over approved shop selections. The good news is that some reports already herald a substantial blow to the marijuana black market and the cartels that supply it.

    Many people are finding weed specials and choosing to pay the higher prices to avoid trouble from edgy police forces as well as the dangers of dealing with questionable street dealers. Also, prices are beginning to drop at dispensaries as the number of customers increase and the supply of more and varied types of marijuana become available. One example lies in a store located in the northern part of Denver. The future seems to be promising for state legalization of marijuana for leisurely use.

    Sales produce much needed tax revenue for states, preliminary drops in crime are being observed, reports reveal damaging pressure against black market suppliers and the overall acceptance by the public appears to be favorable. Medical marijuana use is gaining even greater support and acceptance.