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I was a bit skeptical leaving my audiologist for a less certified technician at Costco. Review of the Rexton Adore Hearing Aids from Costco — April - I wore Oticon behind the ear hearing aids for 5 years and was happy with the product. However, it was time for an upgrade and I visited the Downtown Vancouver Costco Hearing Aid Centre, as Costco has the largest number of hearing aid centres in North America and their prices are very competitive.

They a distributor of major brands of hearing aids.

That made it appealing. Testing at Costco - The staff was friendly, helpful and the hearing assessment I received was very impressive. Au Hot Coupons & Offers

They performed several tests in the soundproof both, including at what loudness levels I can hear speech. At the end of the assessment I discussed with the Audiologist what was important when choosing a product. I want to hear well, enjoy the latest hearing technological developments, have lithium batteries and have Made for iPhone hearing aids.

The Audiologist recommended the Rexton Adore behind the ear hearing Aids to meet my needs and wants. Rexton makes the Kirkland Signature 8 hearing aids and customers are happy with these products. Rexton Adore Hearing Aids - Once ordered they took 2 weeks to arrive.

The fitting process ensured the hearing aids prescription were correct, and I learnt how the hearing aids worked and how to charge the built in lithium batteries. The charging cradle was amazing, there are no contact points on the hearing aids, so all you need to do is to slide the hearing aids in the cradle and it charges.

I also received a size 10 silicon earbuds, which was larger than the size 8 I used before. Experience after 2 months - All I can say is these are amazing hearing aids. The clarity of hearing is something I have not experienced in for many years.

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I can hear sounds which I could not hear before. At night when I take out my hearing aids, there is a noticeable difference when I am not wearing them. Hearing better has made this investment worth every cent.

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I had to get use to the larger silicon earbuds. For the first week my ear canal were very itchy, however I got use to them and they work well for me. The charging cradle works like a dream. I slide my hearing aids in every night and in the morning they fully charged. The lithium batteries last the whole day and when I slide them in the cradle, they still have two-thirds of the charge left.

Nice to think I do not have to fiddle with changing batteries every week. The Made for iPhone Bluetooth is not as good quality as the Bluetooth quality from a streamer. There are times the signal disappears. Fortunately, I read about this before getting the Made for iPhone functionality. It prepared me and I did not expect too much.


I am getting use to the quality of sound and the intermittent disruptions when streaming music or phone calls. When making phone calls, the phone streams the calls to my hearing aids, however I have to use the microphone on my iPhone to speak. Hopefully, one day Made for iPhone will accommodate speech streaming from the hearing aids. They use the Connect App on the iPhone to monitor the decibel levels I am exposed to throughout the day. The app has a few programs and they have limited functionality for my behind the ear hearing aids.

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The automatic functionality meets my needs. The price I paid for improved hearing, was worth every cent. I have had hearing for the last 40 years. My mom and grandmother were very hard of hearing and they were never around noisy locations or equipment. I have been using Costco Kirkland hearing aids for about 15 years now. My hearing is deteriorating faster now. I called Costco at N. She recommended installing a special high output microphone in my ear canal.

Before the adjustment I would have to be within arms reach to hear most people and even then I would have to cup my hands behind my ears to hear some people, especially women and children. Even with my aids on I could not hear all the noise that people with normal hearing hear all day lone i. I HEAR all of that noise now, but not the high frequencies sounds. She explained that it will take time for my brain to learn to disregard most of the sounds and only focus on the important sounds.

I can hear friends talking So much better. I can hear again, I can hear again and so happy with Costco and Eunice all for the expert help. Oh, and by the way my aids were still under warranty and there was no charge for this Huge improvement in my life.

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I have been wearing the Kirkland 5. These were my first aids and really made a difference in my everyday life. I was amazed at the sounds I was missing. I added the Bluetooth receiver so I could send phone calls and streaming music to the aids. I have great personnel at my Costco in Milford, Connecticut. I had to replace two of them under warranty which was always a quick turnaround.

Drop them off and then get a call three days later that it's ready for pickup. That decision proved positive as the amp on one failed in April of this year and was replaced and the other side amp failed last week and was replaced in two days. Each replacement is brand new. I now am going in for a hearing test and then an upgrade to the 8. Looking forward to the improved model and especially looking forward to connectivity to my iPhone X without additional headware. I have partial coverage thru my health plan so I am paying for one aid. I highly recommend these aids especially for the price and the great service I receive at the Milford, Connecticut Costco.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Bluetooth will not connect on hearing aids. Problem With these Kirkland hearing aids fs9 they do not connect with the iPhone Contacted Phonak and Costco, nobody seems to be able to help and Apple says it is a manufacturer problem. They say it is a Apple problem. She took my hearing aid and told me that since it was 6 or 7 years old that it was no good anymore and wanted to sell me a new improved set. I said that I didn't want a new set and I wanted new buds put on my old one, which she actually did put new ones on but she wanted to keep the one that she said was broken.

I got the impression that she only wanted me to get new ones. I left there and went home and realized that that particular hearing aid was not broken but actually works. Needless to say that I will not go back to Costco again, I am an old man and I don't want to buy new and improved when I don't need them. My first experience with a Costco Hearing Center was horrible. Arrogant person would ignore my questions and complaints and insisted that the bad performance of the product was my fault. Columbia missouri coupons. Starbucks promo code ukraine airlines.

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